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Autonomy and mutual respect

Students are very autonomous inside the student hall. They are the ones who maintain order and calm. This is only possible if all the students show respect. This principle and other simple rules can be found in the house rules.

The House Council

Each year, the students elect two representatives to sit on the House Council with the director and the board members. This authority adjusts the student hall’s rules, develops the students’ innovative ideas and consults them on the strategic choices and the evolutions regarding the student hall.

Floor correspondents

On each floor, the correspondent chosen by the students makes the link between the House Council and the students.


The staff and night watchers are there to make sure house rules are applied and if necessary to remind the students of the good behaviour rules. In case of repeated rule violations, sanctions, including the definitive expulsion, can be applied by the director.

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Le règlement intérieur du foyer

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Le GEC (Groupe des Etudiants du Cours Léopold), inauguré en 1920, est une association à but non lucratif dont l'objet social est " d'offrir à des étudiants un cadre de vie qui les aide dans leurs conditions matérielles et facilite leur travail intellectuel" .

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